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A lot of people spend their free time listening to their favorite music on YouTube. Just by typing the name of the artist or the specific song that you like, YouTube will show a bunch of music selection from the official original music to karaoke and cover versions. Everything is in there even the behind-the-scenes of the artist in creating their smash hits. And surely you can’t get enough by just listening in YouTube because it will only play if the browser is open. So what’s the best way to listen to your favorite song without paying and keep on listening to it even during offline hours? It’s simple! Look for a reliable mp3 converter.

Why look for the best YouTube MP3 converter?

There can be a number of MP3 converters online, but only a few can give you the best experience in converting YouTube videos into MP3 files that you can download and save to your phone. Before you use any of those mediocre converters, it is best to look for the ones that offer a variety of converting options, success rate in turning the video file into audio and the maintaining the same quality of the audio that was converted from YouTube video.

Not all mp3 converters you will find on the internet can alter YouTube videos into its best MP3 quality. Some will only convert half of it, while others will spam your device with some click baits and Adsense. It would be very frustrating if you will not be able to get a quality mp3 after the conversion despite the many attempts.

How is YouTube to mp3 converter software used?

There’s a bunch of mp3 converters all over the internet, but only a few can give a decent instruction on how to convert Youtube to mp3. You can easily modify the file format of the Youtube video on-the-spot by merely following this step-by-step process.

  1. Download the latest mp3 converter software.
  2. Copy the direct YouTube link of the video you wish to convert from the address bar. It is essential to ensure that you got the right file to be converted.
  3. On your Youtube to mp3 software, paste the link copied on the tab and click among the three options, “video,” “audio” or “ringtone” that you wish the video to be converted.
  4. Afterward, choose to what path or device would you want the mp3 to be saved.
  5. Click the “Convert & Transfer” button, and it will do its wonder. As simple as that.

When you download Youtube mp3 using the latest converter, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the mp3 because what you heard from the original version, is what you will also hear after the conversion. You will even be surprised with the quality because the software automatically fixed the nuisances in the audio file, so when you listen to it on your device, its sound is way crispier than the old version in Youtube.

Why does this happen? Often, when a video is uploaded to YouTube, their system alters the quality of the sound according to their sites’ standards. For instance, if your output is a small file, YouTube tends to make it simplified. That’s why YouTube users who upload videos or audio files in their platform are strongly advised to upload files with a little bandwidth because YouTube will compress it which significantly affects the quality of the sound. It only goes back to its original condition when you use the latest YouTube converter mp3.

How to download the playlist from YouTube to mp3 songs to be saved in your device?

If you can’t get enough listening to your favorite playlist in YouTube, and you want to bring those tunes even during your commute, you should look for an easy to use YouTube downloader mp3 compatible software online. All you need to do is to:

  1. Download and run the software in your device or computer.
  2. Copy the direct YouTube URL of the playlist you wish to download.
  3. Paste the URL into the conversion box and choose the file format you want to convert the video.
  4. Choose where you want to save the new form.
  5. Then click ‘Convert & Transfer..’ tab.

The latest YouTube video converter enables you to download multiple mp3 songs in one click. The transfer of the mp3 file is made easy, where you don’t need to plug in your phone to desktop or laptop to move the mp3 songs you downloaded. A matter of fact, you can download it straight to your phone.

How to spot a reliable YouTube MP3 Downloader?

The best way to listen to your favorite song uploaded in the YouTube is to convert it from video to mp3. It could be overwhelming to find a decent mp3 YouTube because the platform will showcase their upload collections. However, with the right keywords, you can see the music video that you want to convert.

When you look for a reliable mp3 downloader, the first thing that you should observe is:

  1. The convenience in using the software. Some would require a lot of clicks even before you can download the audio.
  2. The quality of file format it converts. There are times that due to file compression, the audio file is poorly converted.
  3. The practicality of the software. An excellent mp3 downloader allows the user to have multiple downloads or massive video conversion without configuring the whole system before you can continue downloading.
  4. The downloading status of the software. Is it fast or slow? Does it stop in the middle of the conversion? Does the system crash if you download multiple songs?

These are some of the points to consider when looking for a reliable mp3 downloader. Given that there’s a lot of free online converter you can use to convert a video to mp3, you’re not assured if these are safe from possible malware. To prevent malware attacks, it is best to secure a Youtube to mp3 converter download software.

Such software enables you to download mp3 music from YouTube without dealing with click baits, Adsense or bots that might come with hidden malware. It is a one-time download only because you can use it online or offline. Best of all, you can download as long as you want, without any interruptions or misleading user interface.

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